Empty Nest (It’s for the Birds)

We all know the story of the mama bird pushing the baby bird out of the nest so he can learn to fly on his own yada… yada… yada…

My oldest son is moving 9 hours away tomorrow and I am sad, excited, anxious and happy for him. For over 5 years we have had at least 6 family members in the house, and with the birth of my granddaughter it became 7.
During those years we argued laughed, attended movies, restaurants, malls, and football games. We cheered each other on the softball, volleyball and baseball courts.

We competed with one another in escape rooms, bowling, drag racing and Uno. We cried together, took vacations together and celebrated successes in school and work. 

And our home was loud.

Kids came in and out, the refrigerator door stayed open, someone was always singing loudly in the shower and the television played throughout the home even though no one was watching.

Slowly I have noticed my home becoming a lot quieter and less boisterous with activity. Each child is slowly becoming an adult and everyone has their own set of hobbies and friends.

My youngest son leaves in three weeks for college 2 hours away, my oldest daughter and granddaughter have already moved out and will soon be transitioning to a state 10 hours away. My youngest daughter is a junior in high school and very independent so my days of hovering over her are slowly ending.

And our home is quieter.

Our home went from 7 people to 3 people and very soon to just 2.  The desire for a quiet home is closer than we can imagine and I can’t help but wonder, will our kids come around often and hang out? Will they call frequently to see how we are doing? Will they miss our family activities?
I’m getting what I want right? A quiet home, quality time with the hubby, joy in knowing that our children are productive members of society and I am free to do the desires of my heart with no restraints! Shouldn’t I be jumping on my couch and running around the house butt naked screaming, “I am free!”

Instead I am sitting in a quiet house…..feeling empty…..

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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